Friday, May 22, 2015

Cutting It In The Atl

Cutting It In The Atl!  Cutting It In The Atl Premiered last night on WETv last night. There were 3 of the cast members with separate watch parties going on all around the city of Atlanta, Suite Lounge with Beautii, Museum Bar with Maja and Time with Mushiya.  So who's team are you on,  so what do you all think?  Did you get all you expected with the promos?  I have seen it 3 times already and I like what I saw so far.  These 5 ladies will leave you speechless, Beautii, Maja, Dedra, Lakenya & Mushiya all different personalities and you will get a quick wit of the tongue and some great come back lines from others.  One person is looking for guidance and the other is looking to make a whole lot of money, and the other is busy trying to build their brand.  Cutting It In The Atl will be truly a must see Reality TV Show that will have everyone waiting for Thursday night after the Braxton's to go off so they can see Cutting It.

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