Friday, May 1, 2015

JC Penney opened a Sephora inside the Newnan Store

JC Penney opened a Sephora inside the Newnan location.  Sephora had everyone coming out to receive gift cards up to $100 dollars in value if you were the first 100 customers.  It seemed like all of Newnan came out to get one.  

Your one stop make up shop

This was the line wrapped around the inside of the store.  I overheard one lady ask a friend as they were walking by where was she earlier because they had been there since 7:15 am and another lady was there at 6:00 am waiting in line outside.  Of course they said they were number 22 or so and they did get a gift card.

They managers stood around cheering the crowd and welcoming them to the store as you go through the line

They even had a band playing as you stood and waited in line

These were the bags that they gave away but if you got a litte black bag that one had the gift card inside

They also had 15 min mini make overs this young lady was getting a smokey eye the make up artist did the first eye

Right here the makeup artist showed them how to make up them selves they did one eye and let them do the other 

this computer is set up for you to email yourself everything that the MUA (make up artist) puts on you so that you will remember all of your colors

They have everything from perfume to lipstick, all your makeup needs inside of JC Penneys

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