Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kandi Cynthia and more Spotted at the Viewing of Cutting It In The Atl

Cutting It In The Atl!  WE Tv rolled out the Red Carpet tonight for it new show.  With all the executives and producers in tow, they brought out all the Reality TV Stars.  MiMi Faust, Kandi Burris'Tucker, April McRae, Claudia Jordan, Ming Lee, Victor Jackson and more.  Check out the photos....

The Cast Cutting It In The Atl with Egypt Sherrod
Dedra LaKenya Maja Mushiya Beautii


Mushiya & Husband
Toya Bush Harris
Egypt & DJFadelf 

Ming Lee

Foxi Alexander
Kandi & Don Juan

Foxi Alexander

Cynthia Bailey 

Drexina Nelson & Friend

Mimi (Love&HipHopAtl)

Gynesis Beautii's Sister

Victor Jackson

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