Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wendy Williams left the Womens Expo booth Abruptly

 I hear everyone talking about Wendy Williams at the Women's Expo on Sunday.  I was there at the event on Sunday and I was taking pictures as usual and the basket the the man with the red cap is holding came from Tiny's Tequila so I was standing at the booth to take a picture of Wendy with the basket but the guy told us we wouldn't be able to get the picture so I walked away.  As my normal I have watched Wendy and wanted to meet her like all the other people at the event but it was cut short because all of a sudden the guy with the red had said something to Wendy after that the pictures and the book signing stopped she got her bag and purse as you can see and hauled up out of the boot, everyone was like what happened, is she coming back, whats going on?  I was following and taking pictures so this is what I have on camera.  I hear things were said but I am not sure because NeNe Leakes was on stage when all of this was going on (So when she said on @WWHL she didn't know she didn't at that time) and below is the picture of her because after they left I went immediately over to the stage and started taking photos of her.  So that's all the T that I have on the situation.  

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