Monday, June 8, 2015

All My Children Actress put off plane

Soap Opera Actress put off Airplane!  All My Children Actress 72 years old was put off of a flight because of several incadences with an flight attendant.  Jennifer Bassey was on a flight in NYC at JFK Airport on her way to Indianapolis to see her boyfriend.  While the plane was still on the tarmac she used the restroom and did not wash her hands saying she would use her Purell.  The same flight attendant came over as Jennifer had her laptop out and waited for her to put it up by hovering over her and as she was putting it away backed into the attendants hand and the attendant started screaming don't touch me don't ever touch me.  Jennifer yelled go f --- your self.  Another flight attendant said she should not be using those words in front of a child and they turned the plane around and escorted her off.  What do you think about this?  What would you have done, could she have been nicer and handled it in a different way?  

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