Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Anganik's Cuisine Kick of The Food Week

Chef Anganik's Cuisine was +myfairsweets@gmail.com for a little Media mixer/tasting for her Cuisine this past week as a kick off to Atlanta food week with appetizer of  Jerk Chicken pocket with a curry yogurt sauce 
Entree: braised oxtails on a Bed of creamy grits topped with a red cabbage slaw 
Dessert: coconut lime cheesecake with a mango coulis.  This was an awesome experience everything was good and spicy, So check her and her cooking out @Anganikscuisine4 

This was the dessert Coconut Lime Cheese Cake

Me & Chef Anganik
The Jerk Chicken Pocket to die for

The Oxtails and grits with cabbage oh my what a treat, who would think to put oxtails with the Grits Chef Anganik!

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