Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bobbi Kristina moved to hospice

Whitney's Baby Bobbi Kristina is not doing good!  Continue to pray for her but the family is saying they have taken her off the medication, and will be moving her to a hospice to let her be.  I am sure this is truly hard for the Brown and Houston family to go through this again with someone so young in life.  You would think this young girl had it all the money and what did she do with it, she's not living right now, so it goes to show it doesn't matter sometimes how much money you can have in life if you are not happy with your self, the money can't make you happy.  This is coming up on Whitney Houston's 3rd year of transitioning.  How sad this is for this poor young girl to not be able to live a normal life like so many others her age.  Bobbi Kristina its all in Gods hands now all we can do is continue to pray for her, God let her wake up and breath again, let her live a normal life.  

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