Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Drea Kelly of Hollywood Exes and Seduction

The Art of Seduction! Ladies Night Out with Drea Kelly from Hollywood Exes.  Suite Lounge was the hosting spot for this class that was held last evening. The ladies killed it with their renditions of imitation of  Drea Kelly, she taught they watched and imitated her moves, she was teaching women how to get or find their sexy. This night was filled with women who came to hear Drea speak and her panel of Entrepreneur women give advice on sexuality and confidence.  Afterwards Drea Kelly did a class on dancing and seducing your man.   The Panelist included Mary B Morrison (Author) Drexina Nelson (Celebrity Photographer) and Beautii J (Cutting It In The Atl) and a couple of other ladies. Some of the Ladies from the show Mother Funders were in attendance and at the end they were feeling their sexy check out the videos of some of the ladies ....

Christina Johnson (Atlanta Exes) Kiana Dancie (Comedian) Aced Faces (MUA)

Cristal Jordan (Enchanted PR)

Beautii J (Cutting It in The Atl)

Mary B Morrison (Author)

Bo Talley  (Socialite) Cast of Mother Funders

Yvette Ramirez (Suite Lounge April Love (April Love PR)

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