Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lisa Nicole talks Business Quad and Married2Medicine

Lisa Nicole seems to be the wrath of  Ms. Quad's furry this season, right out the gate she is gunning for Lisa Nicole.  First Season it was Ms. Carrie, last Season it was her bestie Ms. Mariah  now its a new one hate interest her new/old friend Lisa Nicole.  I got a chance to talk with Lisa Nicole on the phone the other day about the situation between her and Ms. Quad.  First off I asked Lisa why does she think Quad is so mad with her about running a background check do you think she has something to hide?  First off Lisa says Quad likes to build her story line on controversy, she said before the season started she tried to sit down and have a conversation with Quad but she wasn't having any of that she didn't want to do, (they are two adults and try to work this out like such) but Quad would rather carry this out so that she has a story line besides her puppy couture.  I asked if she shared the information that she found on the background check with anyone other than maybe her husband and she said no that's not the kind of person she is, she just wanted to know from a business stand point who she would be dealing with on that level.  As Quad stated herself on the show when she change her wigs she becomes a different person so right there when she called her emotional and unstable that show how much of instability she can be at times.  Women are different and everyone can't like the same thing all the time you are bound to have disagreements but its up to you as adults to sit down and work them out and move on.  Lisa Nicole says she is comfortable with who she is and she can walk her walk.  I asked Lisa was there anything in her background that she is afraid of and she says that her and her husband had a heated discussion before they were married so I assume we will see all this on air when Quad shows her back ground check, because I didn't get all of what happened with that.  Lisa says she is protective about her marriage and her children as she should be any mother is protective of their own.  I also asked about the 5 Links and what this means and she told me that it is a Net Work Marketing Company and she has worked hard to build it up and she wants it to continue to be a success.  Lisa say's she never begged Quad to become a part of her business that she has never begged anyone.  Quad is apart of the business but she does not work it, I guess she thought because she was a Reality Television Personality that people would just flock to her and get on board with the business, but it doesn't work that way, you have to work the business so that it can work for you.  Lisa has helped to make sixteen other people become millionaires and she will continue in her businesses.  Lisa says that some people feel like putting others down will help them look better but in the end you have to look at who is putting the person down.  I asked what did she think about Simone throwing shade about asking if she checked Dwight's background, Lisa's thoughts on that was she likes Simone, they have gone to lunch and dinners, but Simone is easily manipulated by Quad and can't make up her mind sometimes on which side, she feels as though she has to choose sides.  Everyone can disagree but at the end of the day we all should be able to move pass all that and keep moving on.  This show is about real women, real life drama and real people so lets act like it and move on. This is just Episode 3 what more can we look forward too, will this be an ongoing situation with Lisa and Quad, keep watch @Married2Med and we shall find out.  Sunday nights now at 8PM  

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