Monday, June 22, 2015

Married 2 Medicine

Married 2 Medicine! Last night's episode made me mad because I was waiting for the shoe to drop and they wanted to play with us and drag out this darn photo cover of Dr. Heavenly and Lisa Nicole. I wanted the Quad and Lisa Nicole Tea that they are dragging all out til next week make me want to rush this week right on through to next Sunday but I will wait. Great job producers on Married 2 Med way to make us come back and tune in every week. Also did you all notice the restaurant that the event was hosted at? That was called Vibe Restaurant now its owned by TI and if you visit the post I did of his restaurant you can see the changes he made inside. That's Do you all think that Quad is really being petty with this whole getting back doing a background check on Lisa Nicole and her family, is it necessary to bring her mom's ashy elbows and her husband into something Lisa only did on Quad? Do you all think after the break through with Dr. Simone that now she and Toya can get in a better space?

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