Monday, July 20, 2015

Johnnie Cabbell Atlanta's #1 Talent Agent has A Book coming out

Johnnie Cabbell is a very big name in the Atlanta Area.  If you have heard of Waka Flaka, Shawty Lo, Pastor Troy and more then you definitely have heard Johnnie's name.  Well when Johnnie is not listing talent for his company then he is writing and now his words to paper have turned into a book, are you ready to read this? Well Johnnie wants to tell his story, give some advice to upcoming artist and more so make sure you come out to the book signing, he is also taking pre-orders to the book.  Johnnie Cabbell's  book will be coming August 11, 2015 called "What Would Johnnie Say".  I got a chance to catch up with Johnnie last week at his photo shoot for the upcoming book.  Johnnie says watch your circle, watch who you hang around, he like giving inspirational quotes every morning on IG.  Follow him on IG which is @johnniecabble he is a father and very much a part of all their lives. 
and this is what he had to say check out the video below....

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