Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Love & Hip Hop Atl Going Left & Right

Love & Hip Hop Atl is going left right and back left again!  This meeting that KiddyBop had with Ms. Deb did not go well at all.  I think that some of the things said did not have to be said it was all misconstrued I think KiddyBop chose the wrong words she was to much in her feelings when she went to the meeting she said that her husband had already put a negative view in her head before she went to the meeting.  

Ms. Deb's face when she was getting the business from KiddyBop was precious.  Like really child who do you think you are talking too.  
KiddyBop you went to Ms. Deb to get advise and to ask her to manage you? I think the question you asked was a legitimate one its just the way you asked the question. Would you do it different if you could have a re-do? 

When she stood up that was it.  Ms. Deb had enough.  How can you tell her or ask her, who is the Prize in this situation?  People talk this industry is small so people know your business it gets around.

Yung Joc and Sina out with their twins so that Joc can tell her that he wants to be with K and not her.  That went way left.  Joc has been dipping and slipping and now he truly wants to be with one woman and Sina is feeling like no I want my family.  I think Joc kept leading her on with false hope by spending the night and also sleeping with her when he spent the night.  
Well Sina is a woman and women know what they are doing, she thought that giving up the sex would make him want her, if she didn't see that a man will take it as long as you give it to them.  He took it and still ran home to Sina so if that didn't work she should have stopped giving him the goodies.
This little visit from Tammy was not warranted to me, but who am I.  I think Ms. Deb handled it like the business woman she is and that was the end of that, so why did Tammy have to put her two cents in.  I get it she is your mother in law but Ms. Deb was not harmed at all just words.
This face that Rasheeda had on her looking at the back and forth between KiddyBop and Tammy was like WTH am I in between?  But just wait until next week, do you think that the things Tammy tell Rasheeda are true or made up because she is mad at KiddyBop?  Will you be watching next week?  Can't wait until Monday.

Stay tuned for next Monday.  They are getting ready to tape the finale' so how many more episodes do we have left?

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