Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Married 2 Medicine Lisa & Quad Continues

Married 2 Medicine started off with Dr. Jackie on her health kick by a surprise drive by at Dr. Simone's house to clear out her cabinets and get a little girl chat in about what happened with Lisa and Quad.  

I really don't think Dr. Jackie is the messy kind but will they end up siding with Quad or not?

Mean while Lisa is home sorry for what she let Quad bring her down too but things happen and some people just make you go there with them like Simone and Toya.  

So Dr. Heavenly & Toya decide to come over and check on Lisa while she is home thinking about what happened and she give them her side of the story and they all laugh, but in between they are saying that Lisa got her a-- whooped by Quad but she didn't have any scratches on her.  

Now is Quad going to be messy with this situation or No?  

This is just a mess that was started by Lisa I think she is sorry that all this happened but I don't think everything that went on after the background investigation with Quad was absolutely necessary by no means.  Quad could have just been like ok I understand and they could have just moved on.  Lisa tried to call Quad several times before the show started and meet with her but Quad didn't want that now they start taping and she wants to call Lisa while taping and say can they meet.  Is this so Quad can have a story line on Married 2 Medicine or not?  

Now Dr. Gregory is telling Quad that she is really ridiculous with this mess she could have squashed it long ago, now you are making him look crazy in his world and he doesn't want to be embarrassed.  Quad wasted precious doctors time at the emergency room when there are truly people that are really hurt for them to look at little scratch and she is walking around with that big bandage on her little bitty scar.  

This is really terrible I did not see any blood during that water throwing scene did you all.  Had she been cut don't you think she would have been saying that instead of putting her finger in Lisa's face.  

Lisa has a mole in the office and she is going to find out who gave Quad this information.  You can not have a team and not be able to trust them.  Someone is lying and they will find out the truth.  Why hurt the hand that feeds you, that's just disspicable.

Dr. Simone has father issues and she has to explain this to her children, how would you handle this kind of situation with your kids?

So Toya invites the ladies out to the Strip Club and they take the big juiced up school bus.

They all pile in and head on down to the Cheetah club to see some dancing girls.

Toya and Simone get along during this girls night out 

This dancer comes up to ask Lisa how is Darren so I'm thinking she has seen Married 2 Medicine and knows who Lisa is to just sashay up to her and ask about her husband.  Was she right or wrong for that?  I think she should have not said anything to Lisa and waited for Darren to come back if he frequents as much as she claims.

Lisa is too out dun with this she call bullshi- to the dancer and starts in on Toya's friend thinking she put the dancer up to this. They all leave. 

Dancer exits stage right. So next week wen Lisa finds out that Darren has been to the strip club what will happen. Married 2 Medicine returns.  Until next Sunday we will be back

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