Monday, July 20, 2015

Married 2 Medicine Strip Club Aftermath

Married 2 Medicine is still on the Lisa and the Strip Club.

So the show starts the show with Lisa home making her morning coffee and thinking about what happened last night with the girls with a night out at the Strip Club and it went all wrong
Hubby comes in after his shift and Lisa isn't feeling his kisses.  She said she called him after the club to find out that indeed he had been to the Cheetah Club with his brothers.

Darren says I guess you will have to start putting that in the wedding vows to after honor and no visiting the strip clubs as well.  Lisa was not thrilled about her husband going there, and she was trying to stick up for him.  You can't say what a person will or won't do you can only speak about your own self in all situations.  As for the young lady saying he frequents all the time they didn't address that issue .

Dr. Heavenly and her Angels started out very productive, do you all think Dr. Heavenly is full of herself?  She is comical I can say that.  I think this was a very good event that she put together, mentoring the children but to me I saw more old people in the bunch than I saw young adults.  

Forgot about the party where Dr. Heavenly and Toya had their little conflict resolution skit and Toya was called Ugly, Gold Digger but she took it in stride and moved on, but she also threw some shade saying that Lisa and Quad should have been there to take notes from her and Dr. Heavenly.

Now Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone talking about hygiene and condoms, that part was hilarious and Dr. Heavenly adding her 2 cents about the mouth piece.  Dr. Jackie was throwing some shade at Dr. Heavenly about she hope that she doesn't get up there and say that being a good wife is cooking and cleaning and calling your man Daddy!    I was glad that Lisa Nicole did show up to the event and after she sat down how coincidental that Dr. Heavenly would ask that question about your man cheating on you and Lisa raises her hand.  Wow what a moment. Lisa did sit down and talk with Jill but she didn't apologize to her, but Jill did tell her she did not set her up.

Quad and her husband Dr. G she walks in and he just happen to be on Face Book and finds out about Mariah and her loosing her baby.  Now what do you all think about this little number, is Quad trying to get some sympathy because of the mess she is kicking with Lisa and now she wants to look like a good person and try and clean this up over here with Mariah where she was feeling the same type of way with her just last year, and here we are this year and  Quad is at it again with someone else.  Well you do the math but next year it may be someone else.  

The flash backs of Mariah and Quad when they were having their little tit at the fashion show.  

Now Quad is showing up at her old BFF's door baring flowers and balloons.
Mariah is in her Money Green outfit with her black hair, love it.  She and Quad talk but she is not %100 all in with Quad.  At the end of the conversation Mariah ask what's the T with all the ladies and of course Quad has to tell Mariah about her and Lisa's beef, but then Mariah says you felt the same way about me Quad.  duhhhhh Where is all the tears couldn't see any Mariah said she tried to squeeze out that tear it just wouldn't come out LOL

Mariah said I apologized to you over and over again but you never apologized to me, but here she goes with the fake cry.  Perhaps if she took some acting classes she may learn how to squeeze out that cry the next time the cameras roll

That face with Dr. Heavenly is priceless after her daughter ask her what kink of drinks will be served at the event alcohol? 

This little girl ALaura is a mess, I don't know what Dr. Heavenly is going to do with her, she is always getting the best of Dr. Heavenly if you want Dr. Heavenly told and her mouth to be closed call ALaura she can handle her gloves off.

Toya is trying her best to work with her husband at his No MD company

So Dr. Eugene brings in 1 of his business partners to interview Toya and she says after that she feels like she is not right for the job she has to go back and check herself, but they give her the job and she's happy

What do you think of this episode?  

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