Saturday, July 11, 2015

Meek Mill Meet & Greet @ DTLR

DTLR Meet & Greet with Meek Mill!  Meek Mill came to DTLR for a Meet & Greet at South Dekalb Mall on yesterday.  Yesterday at South Dekalb Mall for a Meek Mill meet & greet after people stood and waited until after 6pm that an event was posted to start at 4:00pm they waited patiently.  After Meek arrived he sat down and immediately started signing the insert of the CD cover and taking selfies with the patiently waiting fans and also took off his chain and let the fans pose in the pictures with it.  At about 7pm ish he got up and went to the line and decided he would take the selfies with them instead of signing all the CD covers.  I think some of the fans enjoyed this but some still wanted a signed copy of their CD where they stood in line for 2 or more hours to wait on Meeks arrival.  What do you think would you have waited or not?  Well you know I waited because I took pictures.  This is my opinion about some celebrities.  I think if the camera people are out here waiting on you to take pictures of you, you should at least take a picture with them because if it wasn't for them getting you exposed your fans wouldn't know where you were are what you are doing so I think you can take a few minutes to even ask can I get a quick picture with the photographers, dang that's just a little respectful, and that's just my rant for a minute.  Now carry on. 

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