Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mother Funders Reality Show on Bravo

Mother Funders a new Reality Show about the PTO board!  Are you all watching this show Mother Funders?  I hope so and maybe you can get something out of it besides the bickering between the two the President Carla and Robin that's on the board.  This makes you think that wow if these women can get together and raise money for their children's school why can't I do the same, or do some type of  charity to help the community and be that passionate about what they are doing.  This fund raising thing is hard work but at the end it pays off big for some unknowing person.  The empty chair is when Robin ups and quits the PTO board and everyone is dumbfounded because they say she knows everyone in Henry County and can get the money rolling in but what happens in the mean time and the end she still shows up and does her part to help raise the money they all come together to get the job done.  

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