Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rick Ross Millions for Bond

The Feds watching as song by 2 Chains! Rick Ross I'd guess no exemption as he was arrested on drug possession lately and then again for kidnapping and assault charges on one of the workers at his home in Fayette County.  Rick Ross and his body guard finally got to go before the judge today in Fayette County. Rick Ross had a heck of a time with the bond hearing but the kicker was that if he does anything wrong while out on bond he will give up his $5Million dollar Estate. That's a heck of a deal to have to get out but if you want out I guess you have to do what works.  His bodyguard has to stay in until August.  Ross had an abundance of people to come to court in his behalf including his mother.  The dispute was allegedly his property manager had a party without the consent of Mr. Ross and that's what started the entire event.  

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