Saturday, July 25, 2015

Straight out of Compton Atl Premiere 2 Chains Roger Bob & More

So are you all ready for Straight out of Compton!  Well I went to the opening here in Atlanta last night, didn't get to see the movie so I don't have any reviews for you I just have the Red Carpet Express pictures.  I wasn't invited but I went to try to catch a glimpse of Ice Cube seeing as I have loved him from the beginning but of course they didn't walk the Red Carpet they only came after the movie was over for a Q&A.  If you all know this entertainment business you know that sometimes its who you know and of course I don't know everyone so I don't get all the big invites to all of the things that go on in Atlanta but I do try.  This particular event was very tight and I'm not sure why or who was on the inside of the theater but the security was pretty heavy, so the only thing I can tell you is you have to wait until August 14, the release date to see it just like I do.  But please I hope you enjoy the pictures.  On the red Carpet was David Banner, 2 Chains, BOB, Mayor Kasim Reed, Will Packer Da Bratt who is now the new Co-Host of the Rickey Smiley Morning show, she replaced Claudia Jordan that was also on RHOA (Real Housewives of Atlanta) and more. 

David Banner

The Bratt

Producer Princess 




Marlo & Friend

2 Chains & Friend
Don Juan & Adrian

Karyn Greer

Fiance' & Will Packer


Head Crack

Gary With the T

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