Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Watch What Happens Live with Dionne Warwick & 50 Cents

WWHL (Watch What Happens Live)! WWHL had Dionne Warwick and 50 cents on the other night, which was the day that Bobbi Kristina passed away. Dionne was asked a couple of questions one by Andy was what kind of person was Bobbi Kris and she said did they have enough time, but she was a sweet heart she will be missed and she was a good little girl, another one was when did she know that Whitney had it?  Dionne responded when she was six years old, she said they came from a singing background.  Our deepest sympathies to the Brown and Houston Family.  Andy opened the Vault on Dionne and showed us her at different times in her life and look at her facial expressions. this was a great show with 50 and Dionne.   

This one she was singing Do You Know the Way to San Jose

Dionne played in this movie as a love interest and then spit on the man

Do you all remember when Dionne was the host of Solid Gold if not go Google it

50 Cents was on the show as well and Andy said Vivica said in an interview that he was the love of her life and his response was, it was interesting, then he said well obviously you all know its me I have the problem  something is wrong

Andy played the game with 50 that if a woman broke up with him on Social Media with a post it note what would he do? He said OK it would be over he wouldn't talk to her anymore

If a woman that you were dating was in a psychiatric ward and you found out what would you do? 50 said that would be good because he is crazy also.

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