Monday, August 3, 2015

Carla Stephens of Mother Funders Bravo"s New Show

I had the pleasure of interviewing Carla Stephens, from Bravo's Reality Show Mother Funders this week.  Carla is truly passionate about her craft as the PTO President so it was truly a pleasure chatting with her. Carla pulls no punches and holds back nothing her feelings are on her sleeve for all to see. So if you watch the show and see how Carla is depicted you can understand why some people don't like Carla and has gone as far as sending her hate messages via Face book and IG (Instagram). But once you talk with her one on one and get to know her that hard core is not there at all.    For those of you unacquainted with Mrs. Stephens here is a brief introduction: Mrs. Carla is a child of God and no stranger to deep rooted religious practice when it comes to family affairs, a devoted wife, dedicated mother of two young men, business owner of (2), yes not one but two  thriving trucking companies, as well as the School PTO President residing over an elementary school, one of the most important institutions that ignites the educational flame, this is a busy lady .  


I asked Carla a couple of question and it may be hard for me to put it all in one post but here you go.

Question 1.  How do you feel about the show right now?

    " I feel a bit better about the show right now,since it has aired and has been on a while not, it has also opened some doors for me."

Question 2.  Would you change anything that you filmed differently on the show?

     "In reference of each moment it was all real emotions so having them played out on the TV was hard to watch at first but you can't change things that are real.  I wanted everyone to see strong women portrayed on the show.  This is my 3rd term as President and I wanted the show to be able to pick up more of the things I also do at home I cook everyday for my family run 2 businesses and we sit down and eat our meals together that part was not shown.  So just for everyone to see just the fund raising side I wanted  viewers to see the full picture, and see all that we do for the purpose of enrichment for the students and others that we help."

I asked Carla what she wanted to gain from the show and did they only raise funds for their school and did she think that other parents after seeing this show will get on board at their on children's schools to make a difference in their children's education?

She thinks that it does take a village to raise children, and some parents can't always be there because of their schedules but she thinks that the kids would apply themselves more if the parents were more physically involved,  but her being in the hallways and in the class room door and the kids see her sometimes make them straighten up and act right they might touch another kids who's not paying attention and say hey there is Ms. Stephens, so you do get the respect from the kids.  She watches the other kids and even speak to them if they are misbehaving. Carla's kids as long with the other students like having the parents involved and present in the school.   

Carla likes to go above and beyond and she would like a larger platform to bring awareness to sexually exploited women and teens to the forefront, raising African American Boys to the tune where they understand whats going on in the world and be able to handle themselves and grown  and bring more arenas to raising African American Boys to be Men.  

Carla was on her way from her oldest son's high school orientation, so I asked would she start a PTO with the high school and what she thought about that.  Carla was a little flustered at the time because its a very different ballgame when you reach the High School level as far as the things you can do as parents because the kids are supposed to be more independent, so with that being said the schools don't want to give you as much information but once your child has done wrong then they call to let you no this but if you know before it gets to the worse state you can do something about it.  So there are two more shows of Mother Funders tonight and the season finale next Sunday.  Will you all be watching to see what the PTO Board will be up to with Carla Stephens as President?  So we all just have to watch and wait to see if Mrs. Carla Stephens will pop up at the High School as PTO. 

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