Sunday, August 23, 2015

Cynthia Baileys Eye Wear Launch

Cynthia Baileys Eye Wear Launch! So Cynthia has launched her new Eye Wear and she decided to have an event here in her home of Atlanta and invite all her Real Housewives of Atlanta crew to help celebrate.  Great new look nice Eye Wear, but who new the talk of the night would be Sheree showing up and showing out at the event.  Go and cop you a pair of  Cynthia Bailey's Eye Wear.

Cynthia making her grand entrance into the party

Sheree & Marloo chopping it up before they go and meet the other ladies 

Peter rocking his Cynthia Bailey Eye Wear 

Kandi Phaedra Kenya Cynthia Porsha Marlo & Sheree

Cynthia Sheree & Marlo

Todd Kandi & Porsha having a little conversation

Kandi & Cyhthia

Cynthias cake was done by Jaxons Dessert Bar

Sheree with Jamie Foster Brown of (S2S Mag) & Cynthia Bailey

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