Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hip Appeal

Hip Appeal! Ok so here you go, with a lot of us on the go or these gigantic phones that you carry in your hands that look like walking VCR's LOL this is something new that you can try, stick the phone in the Hip Appeal, use your ear phones and go.  

Being a busy mom is often a juggling act. Between keeping track of kids, and trying to carry all your stuff, you have probably thought: Should I get a fanny pack? It would be nice to have all your things within arms reach without having to carry a purse right? Well, with Hip Appeal, now you can get an appealing fanny pack that is as fashionable as it is functional!

Hip Appeal is not your mother’s fanny pack! An attractive fabric wrap that goes around your waist, and features pockets to hold all the important stuff you need, whether you are out hiking, jogging, or just chasing after your little ones! Hip Appeal comes in several on trend colors, and is very comfortable to wear for all types of activities!

Hip Appeal makes carrying things like a phone, keys, and your credit cards easy. You no longer have to constantly pull your purse strap back over your shoulder when you are trying to juggle holding your things and your baby. You will never again have that freak out moment when you are out and about and realize: I can’t find my purse! You’re busy and Hip Appeal knows it, that’s why they created these perfect wraps that hold everything you need in place and leave both hands free to hold your little loves.

This holiday season, Hip Appeal is the perfect choice for the mom in your life who has better things to do than worry about her stuff! A quality wrap made from the same fabric she already loves from Lululemon, Hip Appeal is both sensible and stylish: just what every mom needs! 

Hip Appeal was created to provide a practical and fashionable alternative to the fanny pack. Realizing that the original fanny pack design, although useful, was not something most women would feel comfortable using, Hip Appeal wanted to find a better way. By creating a fanny pack that worked like an attractive wrap, they were able to find a way to make wearing your essentials easy, secure, and attractive! Instead of worrying about your wallet, Hip Appeal lets you get out and live the active lifestyle you love!  

Tell me what do you think cute or what, will you try one?  
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