Sunday, August 16, 2015

Johnnie Cabbell "What Would Johnnie Say"

Johnnie Cabbell new book "What Would Johnnie Say" is out hot off the press and he was down at Sweet Auburn Seafood last week for a meet & greet  book signing party for friends and family to cop his new book.  Johnnie is known all around town as a hot booking agent and now he is know as a new Author, he has this notch under his belt now "What Would Johnnie Say".  Everyone came out to support Johnnie with this new chapter in his life (book) that is.  Ms. Shyneka from Hot 107.9 was in the house to help celebrate. Johnnie is always on IG (Insta gram) talking about or with his family, this night was no different he had three of his children with him and his mother was there right by his side as well to congratulate him. Johnnie read a exert from the book, and he also wanted to thank everyone for coming out and supporting him, he wanted to take a picture with all who came out to support him.  I heard Johnnie say that he already is working on another book to come out very soon so look for that and you can find this one now on   Eyelash Vizion put this event together for Mr. Cabbell.  Congratulations Johnnie and much success.  

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