Saturday, August 29, 2015

Love & Hip Hop Atl Finale

Love & Hip Hop Atl Finale!

Look at their faces when they see who comes up on the stage

So Mimi got the surprise of her new MF Management Career Dime pulled a Quarter of Mimi's Eyes  and brought out Margeaux out to perform on the set the Mimi set up for her client Dime.  Dime didn't like the way Mimi has been talking behind her back about her to everyone else and not getting her in the studio with Stevie J but now she wants to call him a has been when you wanted to get in the studio with him he wasn't all those things but now months later he is working with someone you don't like and he is "Rat Face" WTH?  

So now 

This whole Dime and Margeaux fiasco I hope they don't fall out over some coins, and just let them get that song out and maybe they can make them some money together.

Dime talked about Stevie but she wanted him and was jealous of Tiffany Foxx getting all his time and she couldn't get any

Kalenna getting her music situation back under control her pipes are good

Kalenna and Vick working it out, him asking can he come back as her manager and be her partner was really touching. I don't know people personally that have gone through post part um but I do feel for Kalenna and I glad she did get help, she can be a role model for a lot of women out here that are in denial about this situation. 

Stevie J asking MiMi to bring their daughter and her to California so that he can still have a normal relationship with her. What do you think will this work when Joceline get there or not? 

Margeaux goes by the gym to have a conversation with Nikko to tell him the truth about who she has been seeing.  Is he totally surprised.  Men always are when they find out its a woman.  Oh NO 

So how does he look now, he has no MiMi his wife is with another woman and he brought her on and she looks like she just chumped him off so he lost

Karlie Redd cam bearing gifts and to squash all the beef between her Rasheeda and Erica, but Ariane and MiMi stopped her thinking she is coming for the wrong reasons, why everyone think Karlie is so MESSY?

Joc what is up with him and KD? He want's her, he want's her not! 

Momma D got her man despite all the Drama with her daughter and son .  She's Married Now.  Congratulations Momma D and husband

The Jordans have left the building moving on out to Sunny California, to film their spin of  The Jordans or what ever it will be called.  Good luck Stebie & Joceline 

Stevie writing this letter to Joceline how heart wrenching I didn't think he was going to pull it off but he eventually got through it and got on the plane LA bound. 

Joceline got her performance on for the LGBT community she did a good job

Karlie Redd was right there cheering her on but then.....

Karlie telling Joseline about a conversation that she had with MiMi and Joceline gets upset with her thinking she is not her friend always bringing the messy gossip her way, bringing her down after her great performance, and then Stevie not showing up and sending her flowers and a letter that he is leaving her.  

Karlie got put out, 

The Letter

What do yo all think of this Seasons' Love & Hip Hop Atl?  Can you wait on next season or have you had enough?  Do you think Atlanta has the best cast or are yo waiting for LA to come on next month?


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