Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Salt-N-Pepa perform live @NeighborhoodWards

Salt N Pepa with DJ Spinderella!  Say its not so Salt N Pepa with DJ Spinderella was in the house for the 2015 Neighborhood Awards after party in Atlanta over the weekend.  Pep did her thing do what you wanna do I can't tell you who to sock it too.  Salt push it by and at night working up a sweat come lets with the hot body show now push it, push it real good.  I know if you are a 70's child you know exactly who Salt N Pepa are because the were rocking the air waves in the 80's along with the asymmetrical cuts and everyone was rocking with them and along with their member's only jackets.  Well they were here and rocked the mike check 1 check 2 my mike sounds nice check 2.  They gave it to the audience for about a solid hour and the fans loved it.  DJ Spinderella took us way way back and brought us on a journey to the 80's baby.  Enjoyed the trip down memory lane with them and all their hits.  Salt N Pepa along with their DJ Spin and their dancers put on a great show.  What a end to a great evening after Tyrese, Usher and Dougie Fresh with his hot beat box this was a wonderful 2015 Neighborhood Awards show case.  

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