Sunday, August 30, 2015

Stevie J IG flexing in LA

Stevie J IG flexing!  Stevie J or AKA Steven Jordan as his cast mate likes to refer to him as, is in LA and headed to Church with his children.  Stevie and Joseline have been seen all around LA filming for their new spin off from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, not sure if they will come back to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta once their show hits the airways or will they just stay on their own path, we will have to just keep watching to see.  I see Eva made it out to LA to spend some time with her dad.  (Side bar) did mama come as well or did she just send the baby to have quality time with her daddy Stevie.  

The Jordan's take LA can't wait......

Pictures: Stevie J's IG account

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