Monday, August 10, 2015

Usher @NeighborhoodAwards 2015

Usher Raymond was the finale' at the Neighborhood Awards show this year.  His performance was not up to his usual as far as the dancing but the singing was on point, he did a great job and I also have to give it to his band as well they were excellent.  I havn't seen him perform in a while so I was expecting a lot more, but he explained that he was in an accident a while back and he can't move like he really wants to, but he did bring everyone up close and personal so that made it a much anticipated worth while.  All the ladies were screaming like they were back in grade school, Usher even got a couple that were rubbing on his private parts.  What's wrong with these women I guess they call them selves laying hands on him to heal his body.  Check out his performance below...


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