Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Eva Marcille Spotted at the Falcons Game

Yesterday Eva Marcille was spotted at the Falcons Game where they took home a Victory against the Philadelphia Eagles 26 to 24 in Atlanta. Falcons is a no purse zone now so she had to go and pay to get her purse kept until the game was over.  Someone is making a killing selling freezer bags to women for $l0 dollars a pop to store their things in to take inside the game.  I think the Falcons camp should tell these people this before they come down and have to spend money that they may not have.  Someone had a baby with a diaper bag and they had to empty the diaper bag full of things they needed for the baby into 3 clear bags that's $30 dollars before you even step foot inside the dome. Also spotted was Sheree Whitfield's daughter  Tierra walking to the dome with PR rep Jonell Whitt. Sheree is off filming with the crew of RHOA.  

Someone just posted about Eva Marcille and a new boyfriend, but I posted this back in September when I spotted the two at the Falcons Football game.   

Eva Marcille & Friend

Eva Marcille, BAV, Born Again Virgin,

Sheree Whitfield, RHOA, Real Housewives of Atlanta
Tierra & Jonell

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