Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Falcons over Philadelphia 26 to 24

Falcons took home a victory last night at the Georgia Dome first home season game and they won after some mistakes 26 to 24.  The Falcons had the setup outside tailgaters to have some fun even brought in a band to add some fun and extra noise to get the fans all pumped up and ready for the defeat for one of the teams. The game started off  3 to 0 with the Falcons leading and by the time I got to the sports bar it was 20 to 3 and I looked again it was 20 to 10 the Philadelphia Eagles had scored a touchdown, the Falcons made some hiccups during this game but they did manage to pull it all off. The Eagle fans were no to happy when leaving the Dome last night but they were talking much trash on the way inside yesterday.  They came out with their tails tucked between their legs, because the FALCONS Rose Up and got the VICTORY.  

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