Tuesday, September 1, 2015

OMG! Cynthia Bailey Gone Mad

What in the world!  There are reports stating that 'Sweet' Cynthia Bailey done gone and suckered kicked Porsha Williams in the stomach out at a filming of the RHOA on Sunday during a boating excursion.  Say it ain't so Cynthia Bailey the advocate at the Reunion last season saying use your words, I don't like violence, is using her body parts and kicking people. Oh my say its not so, not Cynthia.  You have to be very careful in what you say because when things are done to you personally, you really can't say or don't know how you will react to the situation. It was said that Porsha called Cynthia the B word several time and Cynthia just snapped.  So evidently words can bother you.   I just saw Cynthia and Marlow last Thursday night at Demetria McKinney birthday party with Marlo Hampton all happy and chipper, Click here if you missed that (http://www.myhartent.com/2015/08/demetria-mckinney-celebrating-birthday.html)now Sunday she's a 'KickBoxer'. Watch out everyone. It was reported that Porsha went to the hospital after the incident, check back later for some updates.

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