Friday, September 25, 2015

@Tastykakes Peanut butter & Chocolate

So if you don't know I am an influenster and I am here to let you know about +Tastykakes,  I had the peanut butter and chocolate mini cakes and they are delicious, if you haven't tried them I suggest you do.  They sent me these and I was like hmm I don't think so, but I gave them to everyone else to try first and then I decided ok go ahead so you can give your honest opinion of the product.  Oh my so mad at my self for letting them try because I wanted them all for my self, they are great the cake is moist and just enough peanut butter to not overwhelm the chocolate great job Tastykake I truly recommend them.  I want to try the coffee cake recipe now.  

These are the different kinds of cup cakes they have

Products were sent by influenster for testing purposes

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