Friday, September 11, 2015

The Perfect Guy

So ladies it's Friday and this new movie "The Perfect Guy" starts playing in the box office today, and what do you do?  Grab your girlfriends and some popcorn or your Man and some Chick-fil-A?  How are you going to watch Michael Ealy and Sanaa Lathan  and Morris Chesnut on the big screen? Sanaa & Michael were here last month during the Neighborhood Awards promoting this movie on the Steve Harvey Morning Show and I got a chance to see them live and watch the trailer.  I definitely want to go and support after watching.  Let me know your thoughts of the movie.  

Image result for pictures of the perfect guy movie                                 Image result for pictures of the perfect guy movie

Image result for sanaa lathan new movie
Just in case you may have been in the jungle for the last couple of months with no
 TV or electricity this is the trail to watch 

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