Monday, September 7, 2015

Chris Brown no show for Traxx Girls Big Bang Party

The Big Bang on Saturday Night!  This event by the Traxx Girls was Saturday night at the Georgia Freight Depot in Atlanta.  So this night was filled with women and men out to party from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am an all night party with the host from New York City DJ's Teyanna Taylor and Chris Brown.  This is the 10th Annual Black Gay Pride event in Atlanta, and each year the amount of people that visit the city has increased. During this event was a fashion show, girls dancing and a lot of hosting on stage.  Zonique from the OMG girls came through the party.  So this was a gay girls party but some of the gay guys showed up.  After waiting all night for Chris Brown to show he didn't and we were given an explanation that since the boys were there Chris didn't want to perform.  Wow after all that standing and waiting I was truly disappointed not to say the least a lot of the other women that was there decided to leave and it was 3:10 am by this time, some people were still coming inside the party while the host of others were piling out the door I was right behind them.  

Zonique from OMG Girls

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  1. Wow!! It seems so interesting to attend such Big Bang party where men were out from party and only women enjoyed party in night. All ladies looked so beautiful in party. Well I am also going to attend a late night event at famous event venues Chicago, and I hope I will enjoy too.