Saturday, October 10, 2015

Auto Chick @ItsArkeedah

Ms Auto Chick invited some of her friends out to a tweet and greet out +Wade Ford  to get some informative information on the upkeep of your car during the change in season from the summer months.  Wade fords technicians walked us through looking at a new car and telling everyone what to look for if this or that particular thing happens.  There were lots of questions asked after the discussion.  Someone wanted to know was it true if you should leave your AC off before you start you car back up I wondered that myself because my daughter told me mom you are suppose to turn everything off when you get out of your car so it wont bother the engine when you get read to start it back up, so I wanted to know and the tech said in newer cars that's not necessary but you should let the care run for a few minutes in order to let the oil get up through the engine and get all the parts oily and ready to roll because you don't want metal and metal rubbing together.  Great hour, and I want to than Arkeedah for inviting us all out to get this great info and also @WadeFord for allowing us the opportunity to bombard his tech and the show room floor.   

If any one +Wade Ford  would like to donate or let me test drive this car for them for a week or 2 I am available. Thanks in advance

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