Tuesday, October 6, 2015

BodyArmor Drink

Body Armor Sports Drink!  Body Armor is a Sports Drink to help get the nutrients u our body needs or craves during a workout. So if you are thirsty and want to try something different than those other drinks that you have known forever, try Body Armor they have 6 different flavors that I tried, my favorite was "Fruit Punch" and "Strawberry Banana" just my choice and I haven't been that athletic you see I paired mine with Funyons, I know that's truly wrong but I have to start somewhere. So Body Armor would be my go to drink during my workouts and even if I don't I would pick one up the taste is great.
Thanks Body Armor for giving me the opportunity to be a taste tester for you.

Products are for sample and my opinion only.

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