Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Kordell Stewart is letting you know the lies have to stop!

Today Kordell Stewart held a press conference at his lawyers office to talk about the confusion and allegations that have been said about him from Andrew Caldwell the mega star of the internet that was saved from being GAY at a convocation in his hometown of  St. Louis Missouri.  Andrew Caldwell said that he was coerced into saying the things that he said about Kordell that he has never met him and he is sorry for the things he said he has a full on story about the whole ordeal you just have to listen to it yourself and see what you think.  

This video was taped during the press conference and what you are listening too is Andrew Caldwell telling his side of the story and what happened to make him tell the untruths of him being in a relationship Kordell during his marriage with Porsha Stewart

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