Monday, November 16, 2015

BuppaLaPaloo the TeddyBear

Are you ready for your kids to put down your IPad and IPhone to talk to a teddy bear instead, well there is a new Bear in town and his name is BuppaLaPaloo and he wants to teach your child to love him or her self.  BuppaLaPaloo is an interactive teddy bear that's ready to be your child's friend.

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BuppaLaPaloo!  An interactive teddy bear that joyfully encourages children to love themselves!
Today’s children need to connect, feel empowered and be full of love!

 Put away the iPads and cell phones, and allow your child to connect with a teddy bear that teaches them strong, powerful, fun statements to reinforce how special they really are.  I love me!, I love my body!, I love to laugh!, I am so loved!, are some of the joyful sayings that the bear says to the child, that the child repeats back to their best friend in first person. Psychologists agree that a child’s personality and basic life pattern is firmly embedded by the ages of 4-7. Early childhood self-love is so vital to children because it is the core of how they interact with the world.
The interactive toy works with a press of a paw.  A positive, empowering message is delivered from one paw, and it offers the opportunity for the parent or child to record something special of their own on the other paw! BuppaLaPaloo will help children learn to feel empowered and full of love!
BuppaLaPaloo was founded by Dee Wallace, an internationally known actress with a resume of over 130 films, 4 series, and 200 commercials. She is best known for her role as the mother in E.T., The Extraterrestrial.
Ms. Wallace earned her teaching credentials from the University of Kansas and has worked as a teacher, and as an intuitive life coach for over 30 years. Dee has expanded her love of teaching by sharing her principles that empower people. She conducts daily private sessions, has a radio show and is the author of five books. Her work is based on the principles of accepting responsibility, and loving ourselves early in life to create the lives we desire.
BuppaLaPaloo launched successfully on Kickstarter, hitting its goal and now is available online at

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