Monday, November 16, 2015

RHOA8 Cynthia & the ladies

So I know by now everyone has seen RHOA8 (Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8) on the DVR or last Sunday when it aired.  I am just doing a recap of it and to let you see a little clip I caught during the scene.  The ladies were looking quite dapper as always hair and make up on point.  I did see Kenya outside in her Bentley waiting to come up and I saw Porsha drive up as well.  I saw Peter outside but no Cynthia we waited and waited so when Phaedra asked where was Cynthia she wasn't kidding because we waited a long time for her marvelous entrance with that bathing suit and cover up on. This season has it's moments it started out a little slow and then they got to the Eye wear launch and it picked up when Sheree got there but..... Are you all going to keep watching or will you fall off?  RHOA8






Shayzon & Carla Stephens from Mother Funders 




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