Monday, November 23, 2015

The Real Love Music Experience @Scales925

The Real Love Music Experience @Scales925!  Each and every Tuesday night @10pm Scales 925 will be hosting The Real Love Music Experience ode to the 90's and 2000 music era,  featuring  up and coming artist from around the city and a well know artist to close out the show.  Last week was Sunshine Avery, who closed out the show, but if you were not there last week you missed a treat.  The artist that performed two songs a piece were  whats this I.C.O.N.Z  R&B music, Gen Jazz, Ruby Woo singing Alicia Keys song, KissieLee singing SWV.  These were some great performances by all the talent.  

Sunshine Anderson 

Kissie Lee


Robert (Day 26) 

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