Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Real Housewives of Atlanta Ep 4

RHOA  (Real Housewives of Atlanta) Ep 4!  What a yachting trip this was, from Kenya throwing shade at Shamea and wanting her off the boat because she talked about her water in the Kenya Hair Care product bottle, how does Kenya don't like someone when she throws shade to everyone and lots of people don't care for her but they tolerate her madness. Kandi even tried to talk to Kenya herself and she kinda went off on her for a second, but Kandi was right to say Kenya you are going cra cra with this Shamea thing.  Porsha and Cynthia feuding about a 5 letter word that they both use to each other, WOW.  This is going to be a roller coaster ride this season on RHOA.  I think Cynthia really took this to another level and it wasn't necessary but these are my opinions.  I think Cynthia should apologize to Porsha for her behavior and then Porsha should apologize to Cynthia for her behavior. Kim tried to step in and help she even said lets go read that book that she brought on board for her reading pleasure that they told her to put up.  RHOA fans what do you think of this behavior from our good girl Cynthia?

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