Thursday, December 31, 2015

RHOA Miami Trip Do-Over

Real Housewives of Atlanta continuation of the do-over trip in Miami. So let's start off with Tammy's nephew and the snapping of the fingers from Kenya to get his attention. That was his first irritation from Kenya but she was the one to tell Tammy to invite them back to the house. When he gets there and then start with Kandi that was just plain crazy but we don't know what was edited out of the conversation either.  Kenya told Tammy that her nephew needed to leave so why when Tammy was handling the situation Kenya jumps in with her mouth telling him that he needs to leave because no one was feeling safe with him there.  Wow Kenya when Tammy was talking to him he was calm but your mouth just triggered something inside of him that was just not good.  Then to say it was Kandi and you were the one at first that was uncomfortable because you wanted him there for yourself but when you found out he was kind of on the crazy side then you wanted to back peddle and get him out of there.  Sorry Kenya but this season is going horribly wrong because I think of you and your mouth.  Kenya always want to stir the pot sneak a peek and run, or as the old folks use to say throw a rock and hide her hand.  What is this season of @RealHousewivesofAtlanta #RHOA coming too with this Kenya Moore with the Moore Manor is is ready yet?  Kim had to get out of there and get back to her husband and kids, Porsha said I'm still going on my date and Kandi was like it's not worth loosing my baby over I did too much to get this JR and I want to keep him.  Cynthina was like but this is my party and I want to party.  

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