Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cynthia Bailey on WWHL with Andy Cohen

Look who's talking on WWHL!  WWHL (Watch What Happens Live) with Andy Cohen on Sunday night with Cynthia Bailey and Bob Harper the new host of (The Biggest Looser) were on WWHL with Andy talking a lot about RHOA (Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Cynthia talked about her relationship with her husband Peter when asked about how are they now with their relationship.  Cynthia said that they were good one day at time.  One caller asked if Cynthia think in her mind that Peter went to far with the lady on the tape that was presented earlier last year and if he did cheat on her would she leave him, Cynthia answered with she didn't think that Peter has ever cheated on her and if he did she wasn't sure that she would leave because of that, people have infidelities in their marriages all the time and since it hadn't happened she is not quite sure how she would handle it, but if it was more than once then yes she would leave him.  Andy also asked Bob if he was in a relationship and Bob's answer was yes.  Peter was sitting out in the audience when all of the questions were asked of Cynthia and they did show him sitting.  Andy also asked Cynthia how did she and NeNe get to be friends again, Cynthia stated that at the last reunion when NeNe had her break down and she went to check on her, they started sending little text here and there how are you,  happy birthday, merry Christmas and such and then lets get together and have a drink and it has progressed.  You saw Cynthia and Peter went to see her last performance in New York check here if you missed that (MyHartEnt.com: Nene Leakes last Chicago performance http://www.myhartent.com/2015/12/nene-leakes-last-chicago-performance.html?spref=tw)

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