Saturday, January 9, 2016

Kandi & Todd Baby Tucker is here

Kandi & Todd are not pregnant any more baby is here!  That's right Baby Tucker arrived on January 6, 2016 and drum roll please, his name is Ace Wells Tucker.  Everyone came to visit Kandi and Ace over the last couple of days Tiny Kandi's good friend and group mate kicked it off with her tweet by the bedside of Kandi. We know they went through a lot to get pregnant and get baby Ace here and now they can bond with baby Ace.  The grand parents and friends all came to see the baby.  Well Kandi and Todd kept the baby's name under sealed lips but now you have it Master Ace Wells Tucker Congratulations Todd, Kandi, Ryley and KP you guys did it.

The Gangs all here 

Mama Joyce & Baby Ace

Dr. Jackie with Kandi 

Kandi's Dad and wife

Demetria McKinney & Kandi & Ace

Photos from Kandi's FB page

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