Monday, January 11, 2016

RHOA ReCap of Season 8 Episode 10

So Kandi and Mama Joyce go baby shopping and they have a conversation about the dynamics of Phaedra and Kandi's relationship and Kandi enlighten her mom about the conversation that was had outside of Time Restaurant between Phaedra & Porsha and Momma Joyce decides she want's to go and have a talk with Phaedra and see if they can squash this beef and get back to the old Kandi & Phaedra but Kandi don't think it's a good idea for Momma to do that. 

Kenya and her Aunt Lori and her BFF Brandon meet up in Detroit for Kenya's Family Reunion, on they way they talk about Kenya's mom and dad how they went to the same high school and her aunt went there as well and how her mom was not in her life again.

Cynthia calls her daughter to her closet to help her choose some outfits to take on a trip that Peter called and asked her to get some things and he was coming to get her for a trip, she is discussing her relationship with Peter to her daughter and she said if she was done wrong she would be gone, and Cynthia said when you are married it's different you can't just up and leave you have to at least try and work things out. So Cynthia whisk off to I assume Miami with Peter. 

Leon Cynthia's baby daddy told her in an earlier conversation that she has run away from more relationships that she has stayed in and that she married him so then this should be trying to work this out with Peter. 

Kenya at the Hotel with her dad and his wife and her step-brother talking about Kenya's expectations of her mother and how she really wants this reunion to go off good. 

Porsha is working out with her trainer and she ask Lauren to stop by the gym to have a talk with her.  The talk really goes left because Porsha is in her feelings and wants to know if Lauren want's her job because of the pregnancy she has been slacking on her job and Porsha is kinda upset.  After Lauren storms out of the gym Porsha talks with Phaedra a little later on and she tells her that pregnant women are really hormonal so cut Lauren some slack. 

So Porsha goes to Lauren's apartment and talks with her and they hash it out that Lauren didn't want to hurt Porsha because she is having a baby and Porsha is single and didn't have her baby and she didn't know how she would take the information from Lauren.  The ladies made up and Porsha ate all of Lauren's caramel and apples.

Phaedra went to see Todd about her video and after watching the video she decided to give Todd his check after she said she would talk to her accountant.  Phaedra and Todd also talked about Kandi's baby shower and the C-Section that Kandi would have.

At the family reunion at Kenya's paternal aunts house she realizes that her aunt Lori is not there at the reunion and they tell her that she left after she got a phone call, Kenya goes outside to talk to her friend that says her aunt got a call and Kenya said from her mom that she went over to her house and knocked on the door but she didn't answer.  Kenya is really hurt by the situation.  Her dad also tells her that Kenya's mom wanted to act as though she didn't have a baby because her dad said he didn't want anymore illegitimate children coming into his home.  So Kenya's mom gave Kenya to Kenya's dad's mother to raise Kenya. 

Now on to next Sunday can't wait because guess who will be back on RHOA ??????????

Oh Yeah Ne Ne Leakes....Yes Bitc_'s she's back.

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