Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tamar Braxton non fan

Tamar Braxton non fans are not so nice!  It all started with a Tamar retweeting her sister Trina Braxton's tweet asking people to come out to her new venue called Bar Chix to watch President Obama's last State of the Union Address.  Tamar retweeted it and said she wish she was in Atlanta to go to the bar also but since she wasn't asked her tamartian fans to go for her, then that's when everything just went left.  

This is the post that started it all it ended with 187 comments under the post
157 comments on this post
This is the second post that Tamar posted and she said seriously I just look at these comment like ...... some of ya'll  REALLY need Jesus
864 comments on this post

These are the comments of the lady that set off the chain of post her name is Sassythelisma im guessing this is a made up account with 20 followers and she is following only 3 people herself.  

I think this is really sad when we all should have been watching the President's SOU address, where he was talking about the world coming together and we have people out here hating on others.  Cyber bullying is just crazy, if you don't like someone why be on their page at all point blank period, just keep it moving, you don't have to visit their page because I'm sure they don't visit yours.  Everyone does have an opinion and you can voice your opinion just on your on page.  Tamar like a lot of people doesn't please everyone but she has enough fans to keep her happy.  So lets just stop this cyber bullying and try and uplift each other and stop being crabs in a jar.  Tamar as far as I can see you are a great mother and great wife keep it pushing like your fans say keep your head high and stop reading the post. 


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