Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Vision Board Party

The 3rd Annual Women With Vision Board Party! This past Sunday the Vision Board Party was quite entertaining with all the women gathered together in the beauty salon cutting from magazines and listening to speaker's instead of getting their hair died and fried.  This was a gathering of women to put their thoughts and visions of their futures on a white board.  Have you tried this Vision Board thing it seems to be the craze that everyone is starting to do, if you project your future speak it into existence will it come to pass?  This is the question so I tried it for the second year and I want to see if the things I put on my board will come to full fruition.  Come on Vision Board, let's work.
There were 3 speakers in the building Rashan Ali Radio Host, Football Announcer, mother, wife and sister she spoke about her times at the radio station.  Candace with +MyFairSweets  talked about her turning a cake in a jar into a well know bakery and the things she put on her vision board, also the people in your circle. Chandria Lucious Educational & Career Consultant also talked about her business and why you need or want to put things on your vision board. CupCakeMafia Boutique owner gave her story of how she started her store with only $300 dollars.  What every lady took away from this party you can't put into words but they learned a lot about being obedient in this great afternoon.

Thanks Women With Vision/

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