Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bronner Bros Last Day of Hair Show 2016

Bronner Bros. Last day of Winter Hair Show 2016!  Bronner Bros last day was yesterday and it did not cease to amaze me at all.  The last day there are deals on top of deals because no one wants to take back supplies that they brought so come Monday for the best deals if they are not already sold out.  Spotted some of the Reality Show people at the show with their booths.  Maja Sly from Cutting It In The Atl had her booth selling her weave from the $50 weave shop, Shekinah Jo was selling her TShirt line shampoo and edge control.  The bearded men selling conditioners and cream for bearded men, and Cherry the MUA making people look beautiful. All this and educational classes as well during the three day beauty expo in Atlanta, GA.   

Maja Sly (Cutting It In The Atl)

Cherry (MUA)

Mielle Organics Hair Care Owners with Yandi Smith of (Love & Hip Hop Atl)

Shekinah Jo (Family Hustle) 

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