Thursday, February 18, 2016

D_ck Pic's or What

So I am scrolling through my IG and this is what I see! D_ick Pic's, ladies do you want to see this on your IG page? Is this something you want left to the imagination or is it one of those I want to know up front  what's going on before I waist my time and then find out later that nope I will pass!  Do you all know Oshea the Model?  Well Oshea was on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for a minute if you remember he dated Erica Dixon for a minute until she sent him packing so now he is getting his work out on and modeling.  The next is Benzino formerly of @Love&HipHopAtl and @WETV Marriage Boot Camp and also Carlos King's "The Next 15", now is he one that you want to see this picture of? Last but not least "The Game" he has been in the new for one of the women that was on his last reality show trying to come up on some income but Game is not having it.  What do you think yes or no on the D_--- Pics?

Oshea the model


The Game

The Game

Pictures from the IG pages of Benzion, The Game and Oshea da model

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