Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Love Letters with @Gnoments

Love Love or just everyday sweetness! How to give a little Love with @Gnoment to your sweetie or even to your kids, not just on the Big Valentine's day but everyday.

These guys are great assets to a relationship. Pop it open put in a little sweet nothings note and see what happens after the other person gets the note.
Valentine's day was Sunday and everyone was out getting candy and rose's I had my @Gnomes putting in the work for me. Surprise surprise a little simple love note goes a long way, and also the surprise' find the @gnoments and find the surprise this was a great added bonus to Valentine's day I played hide and seek with the @gnoments when you find them there was a treasure and you had to find the treasure but I can't say what the treasure was but believe me the Valentine's person was truly excited with the @gnoments treasure hunt this Valentine's 2016.

Check the @gnoments out you will enjoy something new they even come with a book of ideas for you to use
They like to hang around on the shelf sometimes until we are ready for thir next adventure. To the @gnoments every day a different adventure.

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