Sunday, February 28, 2016

Toya Wright New Book "How To Loose A Husband"

Toya Wright selling and signing her new book "How To Loose A Husband" @BronnerBros winter hair show last weekend.  At Toya's booth was her daughter Reginae was on the microphone talking to the spectators telling them they love them and they are nice people to be around and thanks for buying her moms book.  Toya was taking usies and signing copies of patrons who purchased her book.  "How Do you Loose a husband some would like to know when it was said when Toya and Memphitz were on a Reality Show and she talked about giving him a "Hall Pass" to do as he might, some people took it out of context and Toya explained what she meant on the "Breakfast Club during an interview.  You can't always please everyone you have to please yourself and do what makes you happy, Toya loves her husband but she also loves herself, and as she states you have to be a full person in order to be a half to someone else.  Great quote @ToyaWright.

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